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Fund Profile
London Life Diversified (LC)
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Fund Sponsor: London Life Insurance Co.
Portfolio Manager: GLC Asset Management Group Ltd.
Fund Type: Segregated

Asset Class: Canadian Neutral Balanced
5-Star Rating:
RRSP Eligible: Yes

Inception Date: January, 1988
Total Assets: $1.37Million  
Sales Fee Type: Back End
Mgmt Expense Ratio (MER): 2.80%
Closed: No

Min. Invest (initial): $300.00
Subsequent: $100.00
Min. Invest (initial RRSP): $300.00
Subsequent RRSP: $100.00
Restricted: No


As of August 28, 2015 *

Current Price: $301.32
Daily Change $: $0.55
1 day: 0.18%
7 day: 0.76%
Month-to-Date: -3.01%
30 day: -2.22%
Year-to-Date: 3.29%

*not current date

Returns as of July 31, 2015
Fund Group Avg Index*
1 month 2.30% 1.51% 1.51%
3 month 1.88% 0.40% 0.37%
6 month 2.75% 1.61% 1.60%
1 year 7.50% 5.37% 5.12%
3 year 9.24% 9.22% 8.95%
5 year 6.33% 6.87% 6.86%
10 year 3.57% 4.87% 4.27%
15 year 3.05% 4.64% 4.08%
20 year 5.11% 6.33% 5.67%
Since Inception 6.16% n/a n/a
3 year risk 4.19 4.48 3.75
3 year beta 1.06 1.00 1.00
* Index refers to Globe Cdn Neutral Balanced Peer Index

Top Holdings as of Jul 31, 2015
London Life Bond (Portico)       31.09%
London Life Canadian Equity (Lc)       29.62%
London Life U.S. Equity (Lc)       13.28%
London Life Intl Equity (JPM)       13.13%
London Life Money Market (Portico)       6.92%
London Life Mortgage (Portico)       5.96%

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Investment Objectives
The objective of the Fund is to provide investors the opportunity to earn superior return and reduce risk through further diversification opportunities.  The Fund seeks to determine optimal exposure to the various markets while maintaining a balance between fixed income and equity market exposure.  It can be made up of a combination of equities, bonds, mortgages, and money investments.

Portfolio Composition
as of Jul 31, 2015

Sector Weightings
as of Jul 31, 2015

Stock 53.48% Other sectors 43.97%
Bond 43.44% Financials 16.37%
Cash and Short Term Securities 2.71% Energy 6.49%
Other 0.37% Health Care 6.32%
Consumer Discretionary 6.06%
Industrials 5.33%
Information Technology 4.61%
Consumer Staples 3.89%
Materials 3.18%
Telecommunication Services 1.24%

Portfolio Manager(s)

London Capital Management
GLC Asset Management Group Ltd.
Start Date: January, 2011
Fund Return: 5.30%
London Capital Management is a division of GLC Asset Management Group Ltd. GLC Asset Management Group Ltd. manages $30* billion in assets. Through its investment management divisions, GWL Investment Management, London Capital Management and Laketon Investment Management, GLC offers a wide range of traditional and specialty investment mandates, as well as major investment styles, for individuals and institutional investors across Canada. GLC Asset Management Group is a subsidiary of Great-West Life Assurance Company. For details, go to *As of Jan. 1, 2011
Also manages: LON Global Infrastr Eq (LC) 75/75, London Life Balanced Growth (GWLIM), London Life Bond (Portico), London Life Canadian Equity (LC), London Life Dividend (LC), London Life Global Eq (Putnam), London Life Growth Equity (Laketon), London Life Income (LC), London Life Money Market (Portico), London Life Mortgage (Portico), London Life Nth Amer Balanced (LC), London Life U.S. Equity (LC), London Life US Growth Sectors (LC)